Heineken / UEFA Champions League
At Plusone we jumped at the chance to make this film informing Heinekens local brand managers about their new Champions League Toolkit. The creative direction mixes the premium Champions League look with a lovable and funny illustrated style.
Well-known players represent the different market sectors.

Client: Heineken
Commissioned by: Iris Worldwide
Creative Director: Martijn Hogenkamp 
Producer: Marcel Vrieswijk 
Character Design: Jeroen Peter, Rob Wienk
Design and Animation: Ola Tandstad, Guido van Gemerden, Rob Wienk, Stelios Nikolaou
Additional Design: Christiaan Vlok, Freek Freriks
Sound Design: Mauricio d’Orey
Client: Iris Worldwide: Rachna Dhall, Matt Atherton, Alexandra van Nunen, Josh Stuart

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